Industries Practices

Welcome to Mosys Consultancy Services Private Limited.

Banking and Finance

We are recognized in providing consulting and financial software application services to the banking and finance industry, and our clients include commercial, community, and foreign banks; finance companies; and credit unions in the United States and around the world. Our multi­disciplinary approach allows us to provide regional, national and global services to our banking clients. Our banking and finance practice is recognized for bringing together teams with diverse experience and knowledge to provide customized solutions for all clients ­ from audit and tax services, to compliance and regulatory services to aspects of business transformation including human capital, enterprise applications, outsourcing and technology integration.

Mosys helps companies improve the efficiency, control and effectiveness of their core accounting and financial processes to ensure that the finance function -

  • Is appropriately integrated with other functions
  • Has processes in place to provide timely and accurate management information
  • Is involved in delivering the ROI from ERP investments
  • Is organized to support the business with clear roles and responsibilities including the suitability of shared services and outsourcing
  • Supports the optimization and management of working capital ­ cash, assets and inventory

  • Insurance

    Whether you are a life insurance company, a property and casualty company, a reinsurer or broker, Mosys has a breadth of services designed to meet all your needs. Our multidisciplinary approach brings together specialists in actuarial solutions, risk management, operations and technology.. These skill sets combined with deep industry knowledge can be particularly beneficial for insurance companies managing multiple products, state regulatory requirements, diverse sales organizations and intense competitive pressures.

    Consulting Services

    Our consultancy practice provides innovative solutions and helps identify emerging issues before they become business challenges. Service offerings include:

    • Actuarial & Insurance Solutions
    • Benchmarking Services
    • Enterprise Applications
    • Enterprise Risk Management
    • Human Capital Advisory Services
    • Outsourcing and Shared Services
    • Strategy and Operations
    • Technology Strategy & Integration

    Health Care/Pharma

    With an unrivaled record of experience, Mosys life sciences consulting services have been helping pharma, biotech, and medical devices and diagnostics companies around the 5 years. We work with our clients to drive new and better products to market faster, reduce costs, and transform their operational strategies to gain market share and capture sustainable top­and bottom­line growth. Our experience includes new software product development, supply chain management.

  • Improve Quality: Apply the evidence to care to remove inappropriate variation out of the system.
  • Leverage Information Technology: Use technology to reduce error, improve clinical outcomes and improve coordination of care.
  • Change Incentives: Shift from use/volume driven care to outcome driven, value-based purchasing.
  • Engage Consumers: Enable consumers to navigate the system and to understand the costs.

  • Telecommunications

    Mosys Telecommunications practice is composed of service professionals who have a wealth of experience helping technology, telecommunications companies throughout the world evaluate complex issues, develop fresh approaches to problems and implement practical solutions. Clients include some of the world’s top software companies, computer manufacturers, wireless operators, satellite broadcasters, advertising agencies and semiconductor foundries – as well as leaders in publishing, telecommunications and peripheral equipment manufacturing. Our specialists understand the challenges that companies face throughout all stages of their business growth cycle and are committed to helping them achieve. We are a leader in providing strategic, operational and information technology assistance to our technology, and telecommunications clients.


    Educational institutions typically require that large-scale automated data monitoring and report generating functionality be incorporated into their operational systems. Mosys provides a comprehensive solution for all of the reporting and analytic requirements (both administrative and academia-specific) of educational institutions.


    A growing number of school districts use district-wide student information systems to monitor and compare student performance and the effectiveness of the educational process. These systems require a reporting solution capable of handling high user concurrency, large amounts of data, and data level security. We offer a solution for all of these issues. Our software's customizable security management system, both at the user and data levels, allows different users (school officials, parents, and teachers) with different data access privileges to view the appropriate information. Our analysis and dashboard features allow school officials to perform analytical operations to ´slice and dice´ the data.

    Other Sample Applications

  • Library management
  • Information Repositories
  • General Administrations (Payroll, Attendance, Appraisal)

  • Small Businesses

    Mosys addresses the challenges faced by small and medium sized businesses where IT resources are limited. We provide tools for reporting, analysis, dashboards, and monitoring in a single, small footprint package.


    A small business has across-the-board document generation, reporting, and analysis needs. Unlike big corporations, there is no dedicated business intelligence team to support a sophisticated data warehouse. Data is collected in one relational database and it must serve as the base for all of these needs. Sales and marketing departments need customer related document generation such as quotes, orders, and invoices. Customer service departments need reports for customer issue status and distribution. Operation and finance departments need accounts payable and accounts receivable reports. Management needs to have the flexibility to drilldown and analyze each department´s performance.

    Mosys complete business intelligence solution fulfills all of these requirements. Most noteworthy is our interactive dashboard capability, which permits management to perform sophisticated drilldown and slice­and­dice operations against source systems and data.

    Other Sample Applications

    • Operational reports
    • Sales and Marketing analysis
    • Quote, invoice and order generation
    • Exception monitoring


    Deregulation, increasing energy costs, environmental concerns, regulatory changes, strengthening demand from developing economies, and the need for new energy sources are just a few of the challenges that players in the Energy & Utilities sector are facing with, and will likely remain so for the next years.

  • Major partner to largest and most well-established Energy & Utilities companies
  • Global solutions covering the total value chain
  • Real Time competencies (data acquisition, transmission, processing, delivery)
  • Mosys provides leading Energy & Utilities clients with innovative solutions that span the entire value chain from production to consumer management in a design­build­operate offer, supported by our dedicated Energy & Utilities Centers of Excellence and our strong partnerships with leading players in the sector.

    Our solutions are the result of many years´ skills and knowledge capitalization with continuous improvement.


    The Government Practice at Mosys Software Solutions brings a proven track record of delivering complex IT solutions to meet government´s demanding business needs. Additionally, we have deep and broad expertise in the areas of labor and workforce, criminal justice, education, and taxes. Comprehensive set of consulting, IT services, ready to deploy frameworks and business requirements Mosys is committed to significant areas of research to help understand how government will evolve in the future.

    Mosys has the unparalleled experience and expertise governments need to harness these opportunities. Our services are built upon proven and repeatable frameworks that lead to rapid deployment, measurable process improvements, cost savings and increased satisfaction.

    Media & Entertainment

    The media and entertainment industry is undergoing a rapid evolution—driven by digital technologies, a new breed of competitors and a market shift which has taken place from mass-media to me-media. The outlook is good for those preparing for it. Mosys Software Solutions helps entertainment, broadcast, portal companies adapt to the realities of the digital age, breaking new ground to simplify operations, better understand consumers, provide content effectively and capitalize on new opportunities to drive growth and high performance

    Travel & Transportation

    Mosys helps organizations in the industry increase operational efficiencies through implementing superior customer service and maximizing increased distribution opportunities. With increasing competition, changing marketing dynamics , need for increased customer loyalty it has become imperative to redefine distribution models and generate more revenue.