Careers with us

A career with Mosys Consultancy Services Private Limited., is one that will harness and develop the innovative and well-experienced IT professional. We are looking for resourceful and high-energy individuals who are poised for growth and success. We have a friendly working atmosphere where you can use both your team spirit and individual skills. Please Contact Us to inquire about your possible future with Mosys Consultancy Services Private Limited.

  • Our Vision, Your Success
  • Employee Training
  • Benefits
  • International Students

  • Our Vision, Your Success

    Mosys Consultancy Services Private Limited ’s corporate vision is to continue to stand as one of the world’s leading Consulting and IT firms providing world-class services to maximize our clients’ Return on Investment (ROI), while promoting teamwork and creativity among its staff. With this vision, we strive:

  • To be the premier provider of Information Technology and Consulting Solutions that enhances our client’s performance
  • To achieve creative and practical results by engaging the best people, practices, and partners
  • To continue our competitiveness in the marketplace while collaborating in the workplace

  • At A Mosys Consultancy Services Private Limited, we make your career goals our goals. Our aim is to provide you with employment opportunities that are challenging, stimulating, and financially rewarding. If your work ethic and ambitions match our vision, please forward your resume and cover letter to

    Employee Training

    Working with Mosys Consultancy Services Private Limited entitles you to a wide array of our benefits – one of the most important being a strong team ethic that fosters a supportive, stimulating, and challenging environment. Because we are a company focused on keeping on the forefront of the latest technological trends and best practices, we encourage and training, education, certification, and any other professional development activities taken to upgrade and hone your skills.


    As an Mosys Consultancy Services Private Limited employee, you will have the benefit of working in a challenging, exciting, and professional atmosphere. Our employees are offered competitive salaries along with a complete benefit package including:

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Training
  • Paid Vacation

  • International Students

    At Mosys Consultancy Services Private Limited, we encourage each of our members to be forward thinking, creative, dynamic, and diligent-minded; all of which characterize the qualities in today’s business world. To maintain this high level of operations, we believe recruitment on a world-wide scale is necessary because it is the different perspectives that maintain the dynamism of our practices and services. We not only welcome members on a global scale, we welcome a range of cultural and educational backgrounds as well. For students or recent graduates, we offer the invaluable experience of working in a real-time industry environment. If you would like to bring a dynamic to our Mosys Consultancy Services Private Limited team while optimizing your IT industry education, please Contact Us.